“Evolving Services has been our cleaning company for our Woburn facility. It has been 13 years since we left our old company for quality control issues. We have been satisfied with the level of quality they provide. Their personnel have been reliable and we felt over this extended period of time that our building has been in good hands. Never have there been any issues of missing items and the cleaning people have been very cooperative and pleasant to deal with.”

Electronic Components Distributor, Woburn, MA

“Evolving Services has served our 6000 sq.ft. office space at since 1995. They have been a long term contractor, the type of that is not often encountered. We have been pleased with their response over the years and particularly remember the incident of water damage to our carpets. We were concerned about mold and needed immediate attention. This was accomplished that very evening by members of their team after the owner himself visited earlier that afternoon. We would highly recommend their services.”

General Manager, Service Company, Needham, MA

“We are a 23,000 sq. ft. training facility. Evolving Services has been serving us since May 2014 and has brought our appearance up to a fine level. One example of their performance is the following: Our budget allowed only 1X/week for burnishing our tile floors. The amount of wear in classrooms because of metal chairs, had worn off much of the floor finish. Evolving Service persisted in finding a way to greatly increase appearance of these classrooms, while still burnishing only once a week. Their personnel have been a pleasure to work with.”

Facilities Manager/Instructor, Bedford, MA

“Our facility is a multitenant building and Evolving Service has saved us work by maintaining excellent tenant relationships along with their routine nightly cleaning. Evolving Services has been serving us at our Burlington facility since 2012. We hired them because of a recommendation from the building next door. We would highly recommend their services.”

Property Manager, Burlington, MA

“Evolving Services started cleaning our Waltham facility and moved with us to Acton. It made sense to avoid the frequent changing of services that so often happen with contractors. Their people have been trustworthy and thorough in their cleaning tasks. This is why we retained their services for 22 years. We would heartedly recommend their services."

Shop Manager, Food Service Company

“Our company has been a satisfied customer of Evolving Services since 1991. This longivity in a competitive market speaks to the quality of their service. What makes Evolving Service stand out is their excellent customer service. Fred Tighe is a hands on manager and very responsive to any of our requests or special needs. We highly recommend Evolving Services.”

Transportation Company, Bedford, MA

“Evolving Service has been our cleaning contractor for over 20 years. We are owners of several multi-tenant buildings and were looking for a service that could keep our clients happy and save us from complaints. They have more than kept us satisfied and allowed us to avoid the frequent search for a new cleaning company. I am more than happy to recommend their services.”

Property Manager, President, Waltham, MA