70% of Clients Have Stayed
With Us for Over 11 Years

With over 30 years in the business, standing the test of time
and providing long term value is our focus.

Your Source for Janitorial Services in Lexington, MA and the surrounding area

Imagine the perfect source for janitorial services for your commercial space. A firm that meets your needs so well that you couldn't fathom ever being without them.

Evolving Service does it all. Janitorial services, carpet cleaning, hard floor care, window washing, clean room maintenance, and any other routine cleaning service you may require.

  • Our professional quality standards top the competition and the secret lies in our hiring process. Because of it, we confidently assure you outstanding customer satisfaction day-in, day-out, ongoing. That's why our customers stick with us at levels far higher than industry standards.
  • An excellent rate of client retention, year after year, means we don't front-load your proposal with extra profit in the first year. Many companies do.
  • You have a budget to adhere to and we respect that with every proposal submitted. Your facility is analyzed carefully and together we determine just how much cleaning is necessary. You’ll receive the most efficient cleaning program possible for your business.

Tested by time, we've learned that you require just two things from a professional janitorial services contractor, and Evolving Service delivers:

  1. An experienced janitorial service you can trust who hires workers you can trust.

You want someone who knows what they're doing working in your facility.
We've been in the business for over 30 years and boast a high percentage of long-term clients.

You deserve the peace of mind about who's in your office - reliable, trustworthy people who do good work. The hiring process is too important to delegate.
Our Founder, Fred Tighe, handles the hiring process from start to finish. By doing all the hiring personally, he has refined it over decades to:

  • Identify solid mutual fit before an interview is offered.
  • Screen all applicants thoroughly against high standards.
  • Check all references.
  • Stimulate responsibility in our employees through financial rewards, structured to benefit our clients with outstanding worker attendance, longevity and work quality.
  1. A consistently clean space at a price that makes contracting cost-effective.

You benefit from our increased efficiencies, which allows us to pass our savings on to YOU.

We maintain operating expenses at modest levels compared to many janitorial services companies. This gets passed on to you in the form of more quality work for your dollar.

Call us today to discuss your needs or fill out the online form and get a no-obligation quote.

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