EVOLVING SERVICE Offers the following services:

  • Janitorial Service
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Maintenance
  • Restroom Cleaning & Restroom Supplies
  • Window Washing

We provide services to the following types of facilities:

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Bio Tech Facilities
  • Banks
  • Schools & Day Care Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants

commercial cleaning services

Our Floor Care Technicians Take Pride in Their Work

Service, Response and Longevity

Evolving Service offers you a complete line of building cleaning services in Boston, Massachusetts from Natick to Wilmington and from Maynard to Somerville professionally done in a trouble-free manner-all at competitive prices.

You enjoy: 

  • Routinely superior service.
  • Immediate response if something needs attention.
  • Prices that represent the most value for your dollar.

We continually achieve these three goals better than any other building maintenance service company. But every other janitorial service will say the same thing. Why should you believe us? Short of actually going to work for you there is only one reliable form of proof - work done for others. We invite - and urge - you to talk to our customers whom have hired us as their cleaners in Lexington and other Boston areas.

Ask about what we do and how we do it. Ask about response to customer needs and how our prices compare with any other alternative to getting the job done. Find out how long customers stay with us. Ask particularly about it. We remain under contract year after year. There must be a reason.

A Final Word -- Attitude

There's one other characteristic that is as important as any other mentioned. Attitude. Superior work comes only from people with the right attitude. You can sense the attitude of our personnel when you see us at work. You can measure the results of a good attitude by the quality of work actually performed. And that's what we ask from our workers. Measure us. Ask about us from those who have used our services. Ask the small firm - or the big firm. In other words, simply ask why so many stay with us through the years and have used our services like carpet cleaning in Lexington, MA. Like we said in the beginning, there must be a reason.