5 Reasons Your Office Needs Professional Janitorial Services

office cleaning

There are many reasons why you should keep your office clean; professional appearance, germs, employee morale, to name just a few. Your office’s cleanliness (or, in contrast, grubbiness) is a direct reflection on your company and your brand. Your staff and clients deserve a clean and comfortable environment to work in.

Leaving office staff, management, or the business owners in charge of cleaning takes away from other important duties and isn’t good for morale. The solution? Hire an experienced janitorial contractor to take care of these things for you – and here are 5 great reasons why:

1. Professional Janitorial Services = Professional Level Skills

There’s more to keeping an office than keeping neat desks, file organization, and tidying up. A professional janitorial service has the know-how to make your office really shine – dusting, sanitizing, window cleaning, carpets, upholstery, and beyond.

A professional janitorial service will have the right equipment and the right techniques to keep your space looking, smelling, and feeling its best.

2. Not Cleaning = Happier Employees

Let’s face it, your employees didn’t come to work at your office as a cleaning crew. Delegating cleaning “chores” to staff members not only distracts them from their primary duties, it can also do a number on company morale.

Along with this, your office staff isn’t trained to clean effectively and efficiently, and it’s very unlikely that they will follow proper sanitization protocols. When your team is given extra items on their to-do list (particularly cleaning jobs they would rather not do even at home, let alone at the office) morale and motivation can take a hit.

Hiring an experienced janitorial service allows your employees to do what they do best – and the janitorial staff takes care of the rest!

3. No Supply Surprises

Nothing says “we don’t really care about our employees, clients or our business” like an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel dispenser or overflowing rubbish bin. Leaving your clients and employees hanging with no toilet paper or having to shake their hands off to dry comes off as indifferent and potentially germy.

Keeping these supplies topped up isn’t always at the top of the priority list for an office manager, but is second nature for a professional. When you hire a professional janitorial service, your supplies will always be filled, and trash taken care of without adding another line item to the office managers’ to-dos and office supply shopping list.

4. The Right Tools for the Job

A professional will know exactly what the most effective product will be to use for each surface and level of cleaning necessary, what equipment will be needed for the job, and have them on hand at the ready when they are working.

Trying to fumble your way through the “commercial” cleaning supply section at the home improvement store can lead to a lot of wasted money on ineffective cleaning supplies, not to mention possible dangerous chemical interactions if the wrong things are mixed – even unintentionally. (Think about the time you or a staffer tried to get a mystery spot out of an upholstered office chair, or the stubborn ring of buildup around the sink drains in the bathroom…) Leave it to the pros and save your time, energy, and money.

5. Regular Office Cleaning = Fewer Sick Days

When offices are cleaned, dusted, and sanitized on a regularly scheduled basis, employees call in sick less often. Fewer sick days means more productivity.

A professional from a janitorial service will thoroughly dust your office using products that are appropriate for the surface, as well as the most effective products and tools to remove the most allergens as they dust. When controlled, thorough dusting is performed regularly, those with allergies or respiratory issues stay healthier and generally happier.   

Professionals will also use the proper protocols and strengths of sanitizing cleaners, and will thoroughly wipe surfaces that most office employees may not consider. Regularly-scheduled visits from a janitorial service can make significant, positive impacts on the health of your office. This is especially necessary in the long, brutal winter months when colds and flu are at their peak.

Hiring a trustworthy professional janitorial service to regularly clean your office gives you the peace of mind that your restrooms will always be fresh, windows sparkling, and air clear of dust—  all without taking time out of your employee’s day.

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