New Ideas About Janitorial Lead Generation


We as a Cleaning Company define janitorial lead generation as the method we use to create, cultivate, and generate a warm relationship with a potential prospect, with the ultimate aim of making them a new Janitorial client.

We have found results from taking a more relaxed approach, and allowing the person making the phone calls to just forget about the appointments, but rather just cultivate a relationship with the prospect. To just ask them to look at our beautiful website, and remember us in your time of need when you become unhappy with your current cleaning company.

We find by eliminating the requirement of appointment setting, we are allowing ourselves to more easily find a person who can make frequent calls, and recalls to the Janitorial prospects. The person who makes these calls is much less stressed out because he/she is only asking (in a very confident, enthusiastic voice) for the contact person to just take a quick look at our website. Equally important is the response on the other end of the phone, the prospect is not stressed by being asked for an appointment. The stress goes both ways. Remember this, the prospect receiving the call is up to his/her neck in workload, and does not want to feel the stress from our Lead Generator person asking for an appointment

Remember the value of building an ongoing database of prospects. Of making contact repeatedly with the prospects. It usually takes up to seven “touches” to make any meaningful results in a closing of a sale. So we are with our approach, looking towards long term results. The above ideas comprise a simpler, less stress inducing, method to cultivate an ongoing sales and marketing system.

Fred Tighe, President
Evolving Service, LLC