Keeping Janitorial Customers Happy Through Greater Efforts in Hiring

The people we hire represent us within your building, on a daily basis. You get to know us through the repeated contact with our cleaning technicians. This is why, we feel that all our effort to be patient until we find the right people, rewards both our Janitorial clients and our company.

We go to a good deal of trouble in seeking qualified personnel to fill our positions as cleaners and supervisors. Basically, we feel one way to stimulate company growth is to surround ourselves with potential leaders. This by seeking potential leaders as a new hiring goal. We have chosen to do this by only advertising for cleaning Supervisors. This does some minor filtering of the incoming calls that our advertisements generate. The candidates at some level must think of themselves as a supervisor, or they probably would not answer our advertisement.

We have been successful with this approach and like the results we are getting. This approach narrows my own focus and expectations. I am still the main interviewer of potential new people in our company. I do not allow hiring a new person without my consensus of opinion. As I look to fill the positions, visualizing the crafted schedule needed to fill the positions, I simply wait until I get candidates who at least at the first interview, have some possibility as a potential leader.

As the primary interviewer, I use their job references, job history, enthusiasm of the references, and above all a well-developed sense of intuitive judgement in a final hiring decision. I find this approach to be very successful.

Who knows who will work out as a successful supervisor? It is always an educated guess. Who knows who can become a key person in our company and become responsible for exponential growth?

Fred Tighe,President
Evolving Service, LLC