Commercial Cleaning vs In-House Cleaners – Big Savings for Building Owners

One of the biggest benefits of using commercial cleaning vs in-house cleaners is the cost reduction in your cleaning budget. This reduction can be obtained in part because commercial cleaning companies typically work faster than in-house cleaning crews. Higher production rates are obtained by the use of team cleaning used by commercial cleaning companies. It is estimated that a savings of 30% can be accomplished by teams of workers working together. We have seen this in our personal experience. We have even observed the emotional support that working with another person gives to both parties in the team. But to see the dollar savings, the two persons must work well together.

When cleaners work as a team, there is an expectancy that the support of the team will allow each worker to perform his/her work easier. Each worker will have the benefit of group support, and each automatically senses that it is easier. Easier to get the same work done each night. Why, perhaps because of the psychological strength and support that each person derives from a teammate. It is a simple, yet an amazing concept to witness. The results are higher production rates for both team members.

It is the energy that is derived from working with a partner, that keeps each partner in the team from dwelling on his/her own personal problems. It is this group energy that allows each worker to feel a relief from their own individual inner noise. You know very well that it is this self-judging noise that eats away at our productivity. So working with a partner is a simple yet highly effective way to allow increased productivity.

Now that the above is clarified it is easier to see the possibility of attaining increased production rates. If the workers are less stressed, are supported by a partner the workload becomes easier to accomplish and the results are satisfying for all concerned.

In the end, it is the amount of care the contractor takes to select the right personnel to clean your building. It is the skillful choice in selecting, training, matching individuals to work in a team that makes all the above work.

This is why we ask you to visit our website to see if our philosophy feels right. If so you can consider selecting us to replace your in-house crew.