Using Creative Useful Blog Articles to Interest Prospective Cleaning Clients

We are building a system of driving traffic to our janitorial service website. Our newest idea is to create interesting, articles to be posted on our blog. If we do this right, and we are writing interesting useful articles, these articles can be used by our lead generation person to point prospective clients to read our blog, or receive our emails.

The helpfulness of these articles gives us, a reason to call prospects back. Knowing we have something to offer, that is useful, allows us to feel that we are not bothering the prospect. It is this fear of being rejected that keeps us from making frequent contact with prospects. So, to reduce this fear, the use of helpful articles, raises our ability to make more frequent contact with our prospects.

Repeatable contact with prospective clients, and the use of articles that are of interest, nurtures their respect for our company. If we have their respect it is likely they will remember us when their time of need arises. If they are in need when we place a call to them, they are more likely to see value in our product. It than is not a matter of the lowest price, it then is a matter of value.

Fred Tighe
President Evolving Service