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Building Janitorial Services Provider in Lexington MA and surrounding areas

When’s the last time your building janitorial services provider in Lexington MA called to ask you how happy you are with their work? If you’ve ever experienced the hassle of replacing your business janitorial services provider every couple of years, there’s a better way for your Lexington MA business. Evolving Services will make your job easier every day.

We deliver consistently cleaned work areas, along with a price that makes sense.

Our seventy percent client retention rate for over 11 years is due to:

  • Customer service that demonstrates care and concern,
  • Trustworthy employees inspired to perform well,
  • Fairly-priced cleaning services that make contracting effective, and
  • Quality results day-in, day-out.

If you’re reconsidering your current building janitorial services provider’s ability to work well with you, please call us. Some of our clients have been with us since 1990.

We deliver detail-oriented professional results that remove pressure from your busy day.

As a provider of building janitorial services, we take great pride in our ability to deliver outstanding cleaning consistently.

Evolving Service is a provider of ongoing building janitorial services in Lexington MA. Our quality standards and processes are refined to serve you well. Supervisors, managers, and our company owner complete regular inspections. We make the effort to follow-up with our customers to confirm satisfaction.

When’s the last time you got that level of attention from your building janitorial service provider in Lexington MA?

You get more value for your dollar from Evolving Service where operating expenses are maintained at modest levels that you can afford.

Quality Building Janitorial Services You Deserve

Your business is our priority each time we clean your Lexington MA building.

We’ve mastered the details. Whether we’re sanitizing your restrooms or emptying lunchroom waste receptacles, every task is checked off on our supervisors’ specifications lists.

Evolving Service works hard to ensure that you value our working relationship with you.

  • Work areas are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Bathrooms are sanitized down to the smallest detail.
  • Employees will feel valued in a break room that sparkles.
  • Customers will sense your company pride when they enter your facility.
  • Administrative staff will be inspired by detailed vacuuming and dusting.

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We want to be your building janitorial services provider.

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More About Lexington MA

Lexington MA was established around 1642 as part of Cambridge. Some of the first shots of the American Revolutionary War were fired here. The town grew quietly as a farming community for years, supplying produce to the Boston area. A railroad line and Lexington’s proximity to both Boston and the Shawsheen River supported continuous growth. Agriculture gave way to Industry during the Sixties and Seventies; the population skyrocketed during a technology boom. Lexington is most famous for its history and attracts many visitors. Multiple services are required to meet the needs of its residents, visitors, and local businesses including transportation, waste hauling, restoration services, and more. Evolving Service is a building janitorial services provider with a stellar reputation. We keep our promises to our clients and our employees.