Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ's are questions we receive often from property managers or building owners. Below are some questions you might already be thinking about.


Q: How do you handle emergencies? Can you help us quickly?

A: Yes, we can handle your emergencies quickly. We have routine superior service and respond immediately if something needs quick attention. If we don’t answer your phone call, we will return it within 30 minutes, and be at your location within the hour. It is situations like this that allow us to know that we really made a difference.

Q: I already have a cleaning company; why should I look at your services?

A: If you’re delighted by the work of your current commercial cleaning services provider, we encourage you to stick with them. Good working relationships with your vendors are priceless. On the other hand, it’s good business sense to have other options readily available. It’s never easy to interrupt your work schedule to find a good contractor, so being proactive is wise. You never know when you'll suddenly be ready to replace your existing janitorial service provider and we would love to be the one you consider.

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Q: How much will your service cost?

A: In our business there is no such thing as a standard price. Each contract is negotiated individually. We assure you that we are neither the low-cost provider nor the most expensive. The space we occupy is maximum value delivered. One thing that sets us apart from most of our competition is that we keep a close eye on our operating expenses. That, coupled with our discerning hiring practices, allows us to make outsourcing a cost-effective solution for most businesses. All it takes to receive a free quote is a phone call and a few minutes of your time to show us your building.