5 Reasons Your Office Needs Professional Janitorial Services

There are many reasons why you should keep your office clean; professional appearance, germs, employee morale, to name just a few. Your office’s cleanliness (or, in contrast, grubbiness) is a direct reflection on your company and your brand. Your staff and clients deserve a clean and comfortable environment to work in. Leaving office staff, management,…

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New Ideas About Janitorial Lead Generation

  We as a Cleaning Company define janitorial lead generation as the method we use to create, cultivate, and generate a warm relationship with a potential prospect, with the ultimate aim of making them a new Janitorial client. We have found results from taking a more relaxed approach, and allowing the person making the phone…

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Commercial Cleaning vs In-House Cleaners – Big Savings for Building Owners

One of the biggest benefits of using commercial cleaning vs in-house cleaners is the cost reduction in your cleaning budget. This reduction can be obtained in part because commercial cleaning companies typically work faster than in-house cleaning crews. Higher production rates are obtained by the use of team cleaning used by commercial cleaning companies. It…

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